Welcome to I.M.Power Online Self-Defense Training!

My name is Tasha Ina Church and I’m so grateful to have you here! This training is here to bring about awareness and understanding that YOUR Voice Matters and YOU Are Worth Fighting For. When I say this though, I am not talking about a knight in shining armor. I am talking about the person reading this message. I’m also not just focused on physical fights. Some of the most impactful and adverse moments in our life may be caused by a mental, emotional, or verbal attack. Understanding your worth and what you are capable of is so important. Understanding that YOU are Powerful beyond your knowing, that is what I am here to help you with! Being able to support people, aiding in transitioning them from a place of fear to a place of power is my purpose! Seeing the faces of my students and the confidence they have at the end of each class fuels my passion for this work! 

Throughout the 18 years of doing this work, I dissected all of the styles I have studied including: 7 styles of Japanese Martial Arts, Tai Chi, and boxing, along with doing Warrior Spirit Training with Sylvester Stallone’s Trainer, Jeff Alexander and most recently Empowerment Self-Defense with ESD Global. 

Looking at common attacks women have to face, I pulled the best moves to create workshops and courses which I know to be effective and can save lives. This course has one attack per video to which you will learn multiple counter attacks.

8 Video Modules

8 Video Modules to demonstrate the moves and counter attacks.

7 PDF Handouts

Included in this training, you will get 7 PDF handouts with information on how to defend yourself. 

Bonus Training

5 Principles of Self-Defense

"This was a perfect class to learn lots of defensive moves and strategies to stay safe, without having to be a big, strong person. Perfect for solo travelers, or people who may suddenly need to know how to protect themselves on the spot. I wish every well meaning person would take this course!"

-Dr. Betsy S

Meet Your Instructor

Tasha Ina Church

Tasha Church is the founder and owner of ElleLiveAction, an Empowerment Coach business that aids clients in removing barriers in life. She does this in a variety of ways including teaching Empowerment Self-Defense. Tasha is the only certified instructor on Maui in Empowerment Self-Defense, a 40-year evidence-based curriculum designed by women for women & other vulnerable communities. It provides individuals with the tools they need to interrupt violence when it is happening and to act if needed. 

Tasha teaches in Washington State as well! With her 18 years of self-defense experience, studying 7 styles of Japanese Martial Arts, Tai Chi, and boxing, along with doing Warrior Spirit Training with Sylvester Stallone’s Trainer, Jeff Alexander, she is one of a kind. Her ESD facilitators were Arlene Limas, the 1st Olympic Gold Medalist in Tae Kwon Do & Lizzette Fitzgerald from ASSERT Defense, the only female instructor to currently teach both the military and the police force in the United States, along with protester safety. Her current ESD Mentor is Antonella Spatola, an Intuitive Wing Chun Kung Fu Instructor, an ESD Empowerment Instructor, and Behavioral Health Therapist. 

Tasha co-founded an in-school and after school empowerment program, building her own curriculum, for middle school and high school girls focused on self-esteem, body image, and self-defense training. She has worked with people of all ages, (ranging from 3-92 years old), all genders, she has served the deaf, blind, and differently able. Tasha values and appreciates diversity and loves supporting people from all different walks of life.

Example Curriculum

  MODULE ONE: Wrist Grabs
Available in days
days after you enroll
  MODULE TWO: Lapel Grabs
Available in days
days after you enroll
  MODULE THREE: Stranglehold
Available in days
days after you enroll
  MODULE FOUR: Bear Hug/Attacks from Behind
Available in days
days after you enroll
  MODULE FIVE: Against The Wall
Available in days
days after you enroll
  MODULE SIX: Hair Grabs
Available in days
days after you enroll
  MODULE SEVEN: Against The Floor
Available in days
days after you enroll
  BONUS MODULE: 5 Principles of Self Defense
Available in days
days after you enroll

Price for I.M.Power Online Self Defense Course

Industry Leader

Tasha Ina Church 

We compiled the most common attacks that you are likely to face, and have devised several counter attacks to each one.

Here are the different attacks listed below:
Wrist Grabs

In this module, you will learn about 1 handed, 2 handed, and double wrist grabs. 

Lapel Grabs

In this module, you will learn how to escape from a lapel grab.


In this module, you will learn several different ways to handle a stranglehold.

Bear Hug

In this module, you will learn several counters to a bear hug attack.

Against The Wall

In this module, you will learn counters to handle an attack that pins you against the wall. 

Hair Grabs

In this module, you will learn several counters to handle a hair grab. 

Against The Floor

In this module, we will cover several escape techniques to enable to you to get away from an against the floor scenario.

Bonus: 5 Principles of Self Defense

In this bonus module, you will learn the 5 principles of Self Defense. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Instructor?

Aloha, For the past 18 years of my life, I have studied self-defense in a multitude of ways. I did this because there was a time in my life when I found myself the victim and I wanted to be the victor. So I trained. I trained in 7-styles of Japanese martial arts (My main style was Aikido and I cross trained in Ninjutsu, Shotokan, Jujitsu, Iaido, Kobudo, & Bojutsu). I took Tai Chi and Warrior Spirit Training with Jeff Alexander who was Sylvester Stallone's Trainer for the Rocky series. In my pursuit to find the perfect blend of all of these styles, I came upon Empowerment Self-Defense -- A 40-year evidence based curriculum designed by women for women and other vulnerable communities. Since 2019, I have been certified to teach Empowerment Self-Defense, merging it with my 18 years of experience to deliver this course to you. I wanted to design this course to educate, to elevate, to inspire, to advocate, & to empower. Offering my knowledge through survivorship and lived experiences is the greatest gift I could give you. 

To those who have never had to live through an attack, my hope is that this aids you when you need it, that this course gives you a foundation to thrive. For those who have survived an attack and are reading this, I am with you and I am rooting you on. May this course give you valuable tools to empower yourself, to live freely, love openly, be vulnerable, and show your strength when you need to and I hope this course bring you a step closer on your healing journey. I am rooting for you.

Do you offer refunds?

This course is an investment, as are you! Refunds are available within the first week. However, the proceeds from this course go towards supporting women, girls, and other vulnerable communities. Once you make your purchase, it is tallied and goes to sales goals which upon reaching supports people who otherwise cannot socioeconomically pay for these services. You not only offer a gift to yourself. You offer it to someone in need. Thus, all sales are final.

What style of Self-Defense are you? 

Empowerment Self-Defense is not a Martial Arts style, it is a violence prevention strategy utilizing a 40-year evidence-based research-based curriculum by women for women and other vulnerable communities. 

What is the difference between Martial Arts and Self-Defense?

Martial Arts is considered Self-Perfection training while Self-Defense training is Self-Preservation training. The difference being, Martial Arts is meant for personal improvement and growth and Self-Defense training is meant to be functional and effective in high risk, high-stress situations. The techniques learned in Self-Defense training are not meant to compete with nor negate the validity of Martial Arts instruction as the two serve their own unique purposes in an individuals life. Self-Defense teachings’ primary goal is to provide tactics and techniques that will support people in their efforts to survive a potential attack. 

Is this a Martial Arts style?

No, although it encompasses different moves from Martial Arts styles that Tasha Church has practiced. 

Do I need certain tools to train and practice? 

No, but it is good to have a safe space to practice. It is your choice where you choose to practice and it is important for you to remove possible dangers, things that you could trip on, to let people know that you are practicing self-defense and you’re going to be making noise. Finding a safe location for you to be able to practice is paramount and it is your choice where you choose to do this practice. Please see the disclaimer before carrying on. 

What are The 5-Principles of Self-Defense?

It’s think, tell, run, fight and if you want more information you will learn this in the bonus course in the I.M.Power course. 

Do I need to complete the entire course?

Part of the process of empowerment is doing what you feel is best for you. The curriculum from this course has saved lives countless times over and has been an amazing tool for boosting confidence self-esteem body image, setting healthy boundaries, and making plans for preventative action. It is your choice as to whether or not you’d like to finish this course. 

How can I keep up to date with Tasha Ina Church’s work?


FB: Tasha Ina Church

Instagram: Elleliveaction